The Sights and Sounds of Holy Week

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What is the "Holy Triduum"?

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Upcoming Lenten Services


Wednesday, March 20, March 27

6pm Soup Supper      

7pm Midweek Lenten Service

Wednesday, April 3, 10

6pm Soup Supper

7pm Midweek Lenten Service

Thursday, April 18

7pm Holy (Maundy) Thursday Service

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Friday, April 19

7pm Good Friday Tenebrae Service


The Service: Tenebræ (ten’ eh bray) is an ancient rite of the Church. The Latin word “tenebræ” means “darkness.” During this service the candles will be extinguished and lights will be progressively dimmed. In this we remember that God the Father cloaked the land with darkness during the death of his Son (Mt 27:45).

This service is a time for prayerful meditation. There is no preservice music. The altar remains stripped bare. There are moments of extended silence for meditation on the magnitude of Christ’s sacrificial love.

We will hear Christ’s Seven Words spoken from the cross. After each reading a candle is extinguished. The seventh candle represents Christ. It is not extinguished, but carried from the chancel to his Father’s side. Then is heard the strepitus (strep’ ee toos), a loud noise that represents the rending of Christ’s tomb. The seventh candle is returned to burn in the chancel, foreshadowing the joy that awaits us on Easter morning. 

The Dismissal: The service concludes with the final song, Lord, Let at Last Your Angels Come. There is no closing blessing or closing hymn. The congregation may remain for prayer and meditation. The congregation will dismiss themselves and leave God’s house in silence, to return and gather for the Easter Vigil.

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Saturday, April 20

7pm Easter Vigil Service

Sunday, April 21

9:30am Easter Sunday Service followed by a pot-luck brunch and Easter Egg Hunt

PLEASE NOTE: we will have ONE service at 9:30am on April 21, EASTER SUNDAY


Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Whether you have found our church website because you are looking for a church home, or you are on vacation and want to worship while away, or you were simply surfing the Net, we are thankful that the God has led you here today!

At Saint Paul Lutheran Church, we believe that God still speaks.  He did not leave us alone after He created the world and everything in it.  Instead, He continues to show us how He desires to save us and preserve the whole world from all of the trouble it has fallen into.

And never has God revealed Himself more clearly than when He revealed Himself as Jesus Christ!  Through the Jesus’ “life work” – most especially His death on the cross and then rising to live again – we have been freed from the terrible cycle of sin, sickness and death.  At Saint Paul, we give thanks and sing praise to God for sending Jesus to save us!  That is why we call Jesus our Savior and Lord!

Even though “the world as we know it” will come to an end one day, God keeps us safe forever.  In the end, we will be fully free of sin, sickness and death.  This is God’s promise to everyone He calls to follow Jesus!  That is His promise to you, too!  Come join us on Sunday as we hear Him speak!

-Pastor Brian

Mission Statement

Knowing Christ!


Loving Christ!


Serving Christ!


Our Mission

  • To Worship God
  • To Serve His name by serving others
  • To bring the Good News of Christ to the people of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County
  • To Share with all people the fellowship of being in Jesus Christ

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a growing congregation, centered on a traditional Lutheran celebration each Sunday of Word and Sacrament, proclaiming the love of God in Christ Jesus to our community and our world, as we respond to God’s love with lives of praise and joyful service. You are invited to come and share with us as we grow!

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Sunday Services: 8:00am, 10:30am (both traditional)

Sunday School: 9:15am

Wednesday Bible Study: 10:00am-11:30am

St. Paul Lutheran Church

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