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Mission State

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Church Council


Marlene Haversack

Vice President

David Dasenbrock

Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Financial Secretary

Jim Tye, Ellen Phipps, David Lawson


Meghan Lawson

Head Elder

John Zindorf

Christian Resource & Fellowship

Gail Kolos

Mission Board

Tom Litchford

Property Chair

John Zindorf

Stewardship Chair

Ray Schlauch

Worship Board

Charlie King

Christian Education

Dan Belt

Pastor Brian

Lutherans Are...

Lutherans are “good news” people

We believe that by grace God has given us salvation through Jesus Christ. It is this “good news” of God’s inclusive love that is to be proclaimed to all people.

Lutherans are “concerned” people

We believe that everyone is important and the whole person is precious in the sight of God. Poverty, injustice, racism, hunger…all these are forms of evil which need to be changed by people committed to the “good news” of God acting through Jesus Christ in our world.

Lutherans are “forward-looking” people

We believe that our Lord is coming again; but, while we wait for his return, we are to love God and our neighbors as ourselves.